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Professional Manuscript Reading Services

Hello, writers!

I have been working as a professional reader for some time now–as a college composition instructor and as a beta-reader for scifi and literary fiction writers alike. With that said, I am now offering professional manuscript reading services to my Website. What are professional manuscript reading services? Great question. They are a service that is located between beta-reading and professional editing. I offer reading critiques that focus on craft, language, grammar/sentence structure, paragraph development, pacing, and mechanics/punctuation. In other words, I act as a critical set of eyes that your manuscript needs in order to get it on the right path. Please note: I don’t guarantee that my services will lead to publication of your work. That takes a lot of work, and work that you will have to manage on your own.

My services aren’t free. If I am going to spend days, weeks, or months on your project, I need to be compensated for the task. I’m not expensive–at least when it comes to this sort of thing. Moreover, I don’t believe in forcing edits and revisions down your throat. All I do is provide suggestions. You, the author, have final say over all decisions concerning language, mechanics, characterization, setting, and the like.

Those who solicit my services will need to sign a contract. This contract is a simple agreement between me, the reader/editor extraordinaire, and you, the amazing author. In this agreement, you will notice a few things that are broken down for both parties. First, the issue of compensation is discussed. Second, you will notice responsibilities of both parties–these are non-negotiable. Lastly, you will be offered a place to sign and date the contract. Yes, even in an age of beautiful technology, you still have to sign and date a contract like this one.

Compensation for Services Rendered:

Unlike many services provided on the Web, I offer prices based on word count. This means your manuscript could be a thousand pages, and your total expenditures could be quite low, if the word count is within a given range (see below for details). Please note: Prices are negotiable. I offer baseline prices below to help start a dialogue between me, the reader, and you, the writer.

Word Count RangeCost (USD)/Words
3,000-85,000 words$300/3,000 words
86,000-120,000 words$400/4,000 words
>120,000 words$500/5,000 words 

If you’re interested in pursuing professional manuscript reading services, please feel free to contact me via the Contact link (side menu).